Shed Those Final Pounds Just In Time For Labour Day

With little less than four weeks until Labour Day, the countdown to your family’s annual trip to the cottage has officially started. So has your yearly attempt to slim down before you arrive. You’ve tried it all – the fad diets, the extreme exercise programs, and the questionable supplements. But nothing has worked. What little weight you’ve managed to lose in the past (which is only ever water weight and has nothing to do with the spare tire around your middle) has always come back – and then some! The only result you get to “enjoy” is the self-conscious feeling of wearing a bathing suit that doesn’t fit. If you’re sick of yo-yo dieting and hiding away in the cottage when you could be enjoying the lake, then it’s high time you re-think your weight loss journey. Armed with the right tools and knowledge about how your body retains fat, you can begin to use food to your advantage and lose weight permanently.

woman in bikini sitting on deck

Looking back at the long list of diets you’ve tried and failed at can be depressing. Each and every one of them claims that their new and innovative program will burn fat and keep the pounds off. All you have to do is cut out all of the foods that you love; it’s your fault that you break the diet and start snacking again. Right? Wrong. You’re lack of self-discipline isn’t fully responsible for your botched weight loss history.

It’s the way these fad diets are designed. Criminally low caloric intake certainly burns fat quickly, but there’s no way to sustain these extreme limitations on your diet. Once the elation of losing those initial pounds wears off and you remember just how hungry you are, the temptation of your partner’s double bacon cheeseburger with an extra-large fry becomes too much; your body craves more nutrition and you’re all too happy to provide. A binge ensues, after which all of the weight that you managed to lose while following these severe rules finds its way back to your hips, thighs, and tummy. Disheartened by the way your pants fit once again, you try another diet and start the process all over again.

Break the cycle by taking steps toward proper food education. When you know how your metabolism works in conjunction with the foods you eat, you can make better choices regarding your diet. Many people who struggle with their weight do so because their pancreas is overworked and it overproduces insulin when too many sugars and carbohydrates are ingested. A fully functioning, healthy pancreas that can secrete the correct amount of insulin for your body is an essential step towards your journey towards weight loss.

Ideal Protein is an internationally regarded weight loss program that we here at Skin Vitality Medical Clinic value and encourage our struggling clients to try.  It teaches you what to eat in order to stimulate fast and healthy weight loss while improving the condition of your pancreas. By eating lean proteins and vegetables while restricting your fats, sugars, and carbohydrates, you can recharge your pancreas, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and burn fat that you can actually keep off. Because you’re eating the way you’re supposed to be (fulfilling your body’s requirement for calories, nutrients, and other dietary needs), all of the weight you lose during this program can stay off.

We hesitate to call our program a diet because it’s so much more than that. It’s a key to unlocking a healthy understanding of food, which in turns brings you to a healthier body weight. Unlike the temporary fixes of fad diets, our program is a permanent solution – a way of life that totally transforms your body and the way you feel. In as little as five weeks, you can be down 15 pounds. So if you start now, you can be confident to don even your most revealing bikini out on the lake this Labour Day. Once equipped with the right nutritional knowledge, that anxious feeling about the cottage will be a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll be comfortable in your own leaner, fitter skin and enjoy the end-of-summer cottage trip to its fullest.


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