The Science Behind SynerCool

Nobody has to be burdened by unwanted hair with modern advancements.

SynerCool is a forced air chiller system that works alongside cosmetic treatments. It is most often used in conjunction with the elos™ system used during laser hair removal, skin tightening and photofacial rejuvenation, in order to directly target chilled air toward treatment areas. The system is equipped with a tube that forces cold air through a nozzle. This nozzle is clipped onto an articulated arm that an operator is able to appropriately aim while still having both hands free throughout a procedure (although the system also allows for precise handheld direction if the operating doctor or nurse desires).

The area being targeted by a cosmetic laser is numbed by the SynerCool’s air stream, reducing the patient’s pain and keeping the skin chilled so that excess heat cannot become trapped. This works to stop pain at its source and prevent the creation of any adverse skin reactions that can be caused by the application of intensive laser heat.

Aside from laser treatments SynerCool can also be employed for use during needle-related therapies (like BOTOX or Juvéderm). Just as it is able to ward off pain and adverse reactions with laser therapy, SynerCool’s cooling effects are also able to prevent bruising at the injection site, increase patient comfort and, in some cases, improve effectiveness when used with needles.

What Can It Do For Me?

SynerCool helps to make sure that patients don’t experience unnecessary discomfort or pain during treatment and also helps medical professionals ward off any potential, damaging skin reactions. It works by preserving the skin and helping to facilitate laser procedures that may require aggressive treatment. Hair removal and skin improvement therapy can be completely comfortable and free of complications when SynerCool is used as part of the procedure, making cosmetic work less strenuous for both patient and doctor.

Instead of using anaesthetic creams or injections, SynerCool is also able to function as an appropriate replacement tool. When patients undergo skin or hair removal treatments SynerCool can be used as an alternative that provides the same level of pain management as anaesthetic creams.

In cases of extreme pain sensitivity, SynerCool can be used alongside traditional anaesthetic aids as well.


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