Put Your Body Into High Gear With Body Contouring Procedures

It’s normal to feel a little bit exposed as the temperatures rise. We’ve spent the winter huddled up in blankets, heavy woolen coats and layers upon layers. When you’re that covered up, you may not even know what your figure looks like anymore. But as the sun heats up and the weather slowly changes towards spring, it’s time to ditch your layers and expose your limbs to the fresh clean air outside.

Maybe you were one of the rare few to actually take your New Year’s Resolution seriously and spent the winter at the gym. It can be a great place to burn some excess calories and release some stress. (Not to mention the sauna and the whirlpool, which are instant mood lifters!) If you’ve put in the hard work to transform your body this winter and are ready to show it off, you shouldn’t let anything hold you back. However there are some problem areas that won’t go away, no matter how many situps or leg lifts you do. It can be devastating to work so hard for several months and still see the appearance of love handles or an extra roll of stomach flab. While the early part of your weight loss might have been invigorating, losing the last 10 pounds are another story. If diet and exercise won’t erase these flaws, what can you do?

Luckily here at Skin Vitality we’ve seen many men and women face the same problem and we have a safe, effective solution in mind. Our Venus Freeze body contouring treatment will smooth down cellulite, excess folds of skin and lumps so you can lose inches off your waistline and hips. As the pulsating waves of energy and radio frequency waves go to work on your problem areas, they’ll break down your fat cells, transforming them into glycerol and free fatty acids. Instead of harmful triglycerides, these fatty acids are released into your blood stream. Basically by targeting your fatty tissues at a cellular level, this technology can break down cellulite and lumps for good. This is the smoothest body contouring procedure imaginable, leaving you with sleek lines and healthy, active appearance.

Imagine leaving your Spanx behind at your next formal event. Or enjoying the summer months without the annoying sensation of your thighs rubbing together causing chafing. While diet and exercise can completely transform your appearance and state of mind, they’re often not enough. We’ve all seen photographs of what realistically happens when someone who was previously overweight loses hundreds of pounds. The excess folds of skin remain, along with unsightly stretch marks. This is why cosmetic procedures like our treatments VelaShape body contouring and ReFirme skin tightening are so important. If you’ve worked extremely hard for the perfect figure, you don’t want anything holding you back.

Imagine a spring and summer where you can literally wear anything you want. If you’ve never dared to wear a short skirt, string bikini or crop top before, this could be your season to truly express yourself. You deserve to have a completely perfect body. If you’re one love handle or stomach pooch away from your dream figure, book a consultation with our experts at Skin Vitality. We can discuss which cosmetic procedures are the right fit for your budget, lifestyle and desired results. Either way, life’s too short not to have fun as the temperatures rise. You’ve worked far too hard for your rocking body. It’s time to flaunt what you’ve got!


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