Hollow Temples, Aging and Happy Valentine’s Day!

As you age, an area that is profoundly affected is your temples. They hollow out, and what gradually happens is that the upper portion of your face becomes pinched in appearance – as if someone pushed your temples inward and leaving depressions in your skin. Your brows become shorter and begin to droop. The solution? Injectable fillers!

Although permanent solutions are available (e.g. implants), none can compare to the facility and safety of hyaluronic acid based injectable fillers. Fillers are perhaps the most popular treatments to address this problem despite their temporary effect because of their success in achieving natural-looking results with minimal discomfort and far fewer negative side effects. The right injection techniques are absolutely necessary in creating the rejuvenated, youthful appearance you want, and this can only be done by a medical professional who has adequate training, experience and knowledge of not just the product injected, but also the artistic nature of the procedure itself. Hollow temple treatment with fillers will fill out depressions, improve the contour of your forehead and gently lift the brows.

Happy Valentine’s Day

And on a totally unrelated note to the above, we hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! You look FABULOUS today so enjoy it with your loved one!


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