Feeling Down During The Holidays? Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine

For women of all ages, it’s normal during the busy weeks heading up to Christmas to have one or more mid-holiday breakdowns. Between the office Christmas parties, family get-togethers, special events and the New Year’s preparations to come, there’s never been more pressure to look your best. The holidays bring people together, but they can also cause anxiety for anyone who feels a little. A few flippant comments from a well-meaning family member, or the chance to see an old flame at a seasonal event can totally put you on edge. So much for the happiest time of the year.

Not to mention that with another end of the year comes a natural state of reflection. A lot of time has gone by and it might be appropriate to take stock of your year and consider the way you that feel about yourself. Appearance has a lot of do with our inner state of mind and sense of confidence. When we feel like a babe, our love for ourselves shines out and attracts other people to us. When we are deep in a holiday depression (which is quite normal at this emotional time of year), it can be tempting to stay inside with a box of Christmas cookies instead of donning your sparkly apparel and hanging out by the mistletoe. How can you cope?

For any woman, it’s the little things that bring Christmas cheer. And just like you shower the people with love and presents, you should also treat yourself. The holidays should be the time for you to pamper yourself. Regain that glow you’ve wanted all year with body lotions, exfoliation and a long soak in the tub. Ring in the New Year with the haircut you wanted all year but were too afraid to try, whether it’s newly acquired bangs, face framing highlights or a daring pixie cut. It’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. This may also include a brand new skin care regimen, which can be developed by the experts here at Skin Vitality.

If you’re not already using products that are customized for your skin type, a new skin care regime may be the perfect holiday present. While the basics of good beauty still apply (moisturize, eat a balanced diet with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water ladies!), a few key products can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your skin. Our Skin Tx Treatment System offers a complete line of topical products that can reverse the signs of aging down to a cellular level. These treatments can improve the look of an uneven skin tone, help with adult acne and hyperpigmentation and add hydration to flaky skin and dark undereye circles. Check out the Skin Vitality website for a full list of the treatments we offer, or book a free consultation with our skin care experts.

Every woman hates it when their Aunt Edna asks why they look so tired this year, or when they bump into an ex and his flawless new girlfriend at the company Christmas party. You can rise above these petty situations by learning how to fall in love with your reflection. If you take care of your skin with the right products, you’ll love the way you look. And when it comes to the psychological and physical wear and tear of the holiday season, never underestimate the power of a good moisturizer and a great shade of red lipstick.


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Free Virtual Consultation from the privacy of your own home or FREE in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team.