Chelsea Handler Got Fraxel

A couple of weeks ago, actress and TV host Chelsea Handler posted a photo of herself before and after Fraxel skin rejuvenation. The results were amazing! Can you see much improvement she got after this single session? Her skin is so much more even toned, without those blotches and splotches to ruin her complexion. On top of that, her skin looks more youthful.

All of these skin conditions can be treated with Fraxel:

  • fine lines, wrinkles and furrows.
  • texture
  • pigmented lesions
  • general discolouration
  • redness resulting from photodamage.
  • scars

According to the post, Handler did her session on a Thursday, and by the following Monday she was filming her show for Netflix, aptly named Chelsea. Wow! Usually, results appear a little more slowly than that. This is because Fraxel is a little more of an intensive treatment that relies on your skin’s natural recovery process to rebuild itself at the cellular level. This can take a week or two to do. For more intensive treatments, swelling, bruising and redness can also appear. All of these less common side effects take a few days to go away completely.

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