Bring Botox Into Your Routine For A Healthy Lifestyle

As we begin to age, the importance of taking care of ourselves and our bodies becomes more and more obvious. When you’re young, it’s easier to take liberties with your physical and mental health, because your body can handle it. Partying, drinking, smoking and staying up all night can all eventually take their toll – but even those among us who didn’t spend all of our 20s hanging out at clubs and eating junk food will notice their physical appearance dulling and aging over time. Getting older is inevitable, and so are its effects – but there are changes you can make to your life, habits and beauty routine that will help you fight back against the wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and dullness that can accompany the passage of time.

Exercise is by far the most important habit to get into as the years go by. It’s a known fact that the more physical activity you engage in, the better your mental health will be – not only because exercise produces endorphins, but because the more comfortable you feel in your own body, the happier you are overall. Plus, exercise is one of the best and most effective things you can do for your body to keep yourself looking and feeling young. Try to get in at least half an hour of moderate exercise a day – whether that means walking instead of driving to an appointment, taking your bike out more, or even going to the gym for a more intense workout. Even if the thought of group exercise makes you cringe, consider newer types of workouts like spin or gravity classes for upping your exercise quota; you may just find yourself loving it.

Diet is another crucially important aspect of keeping yourself looking and feeling youthful. Cutting out refined sugars, processed foods, empty calories and alcohol and replacing them with fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins are all tried and tested techniques for keeping your skin glowing and your body in shape. Plus, you’ll feel healthier and more alert!

Hydration is one of the most crucial things most people end up neglecting when it comes to the health of their skin. Remembering to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day isn’t optional if you’re looking for flawless skin – hydration is one of the simplest ways to maintain that healthy, young-looking glow. Remember to moisturize your skin regularly as well!

Finally, consider cosmetic treatments. While you may not be interested in something as dangerous or invasive as a facelift, there’s a good chance that Botox® might be exactly the boost you need to keep your skin looking rejuvenated and your self-confidence at peak levels. You can choose exactly where you want the injections and rest assured that by the end of the simple, painless procedure you’ll have young-looking, wrinkle-free skin.

At Skin Vitality, we’re committed to helping you realize your dream of staying youthful no matter what your age – stop by and ask us about how we can help you do that with Botox!



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Free Virtual Consultation from the privacy of your own home or FREE in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team.