Attractive Women Are More Self Confident and Happier

An innate psychological response to seeing a beautiful person is pleasure and joy. Not only this, research has also shown that attractive people are seen as more intelligent, friendly and competent.

Do people describe you like that?

Beauty incurs positive emotions and we react by expressing approval through a welcoming demeanour and flirtatious behaviour, performed consciously or subconsciously. This social proof confirms to you that you are, indeed, attractive, and we are all programmed to search for those clues as we interact with others.

As a result, it is not surprising that one of the most important measures in self confidence and happiness is how physically attractive you are and feel. You know how great you feel when you have a good hair day or get dressed up for a date and take the time to preen to perfection. And you also know how bad and unhappy you feel when you see those wrinkles around your eyes or the paunch in your belly.

All of us already know the impact your appearance has on others (and vice versa). When you’re beautiful and feel it, this mindset radiates. It positively affects your entire perception, resulting in desirable personality traits, like good self confidence and an optimistic nature. You’ll feel happier as a result.

We don’t need scientific research for this – it’s something we all know. Yet, most of us still disregard the importance physical appearance has on our happiness. We wake up, rush to get to work, crash when we get home, and do just enough to look presentable, but not feel-great fantastic. That’s why most of us are unhappy, and according to research, lead unfulfilling lives. When you’re more confident, you’re willing to take more risks. You may put yourself out of your comfort zone, but the pay off is a fuller, more exciting life. Improving your appearance is one of the easiest ways to improve your self confidence and happiness.  Very few can say that they are truly happy. Are you one of them?

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