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7 Things That May Cause Cellulite


Let's talk about one of life's annoying mysteries: cellulite.

Although we do offer one of the most effective treatments in the medical aesthetic industry for cellulite, CoolSculpting, science is still searching for why we develop it and why it’s women who are most prone.

So far, we know cellulite can be caused by 7 factors:

1. genetics: If your mother had it, chances are you’ll have it, too.
2. hormones: Estrogen has been linked to its development, which is why it’s more common in women. The appearance of cellulite can also get worse around your menstruation cycle as well as with pregnancy and childbirth.
3. diet: A poor diet can lead to poor skin quality, resulting in cellulite. Studies have also found that some foods may also cause it.
4. age: The older you get, the more likely you’ll develop cellulite.
5. smoking: Smoking has a negative impact on skin quality, particularly the circulation, and promotes the retention of fluids and toxins that contribute to cellulite.
6. medication(s): some medications have been linked to cellulite development.
7. lack of exercise: Because cellulite is essentially fat, a sedentary lifestyle and excess weight are factors in its development.

Do the cellulite pinch test

Cellulite is such an aesthetic concern, that there’s even a scale to rate its severity. Known as the Nurnberger – Muller Scale, there Stages 0 to 3. To see what stage your cellulite is at, use your index finger and thumb to pinch some skin located in the area you want to test, for example your outer thigh or buttocks.

Stage 0
Congratulations, you have no cellulite. Your skin is smooth and free of dimples no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re standing, sitting, or squatting. When you pinch your skin, it only creases but there’s no dimpling.

Stage 1
Only pinching reveals some dimples, but the skin remains relatively smooth while you’re standing or sitting.

Stage 2
There are dimples when you pinch the skin, and some are also present when you’re standing.

Stage 3
You’ve got dimples visible all the time, whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down.

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