Toronto Tummy Tuck

Are you tired of doing hundreds of sit ups and crunches without seeing any positive effect on your stomach? Regardless of how much you exercise and diet, your stomach still seems to be out of shape and undefined. Get a flatter stomach with more definition with a Toronto Tummy Tuck. tummy-tuck-photos

Toronto Tummy Tuck

An undesirable waistline that’s due to stubborn fat, lax abdominal muscles and loose skin often does not respond well enough to dieting and exercising. A tummy tuck, technically referred to as an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can slim down the stomach by doing one or more of the following: eliminate excess skin, remove fat from the abdomen, and reposition the abdominal muscles to make them tighter. The result is a stomach that’s flatter, tighter and has more muscular definition. A tummy tuck is ideal for healthy men and women who have found that aging or dramatic weight loss has altered their body contour negatively. It can also treat diastasis, a condition that refers to the vertical separation of abdomen muscles, often resulting from pregnancy.

Why You Could Benefit From An Abdominoplasty

If you have:
  • saggy skin in the abdominal area following weight loss or pregnancy
  • skin that droops due to the effects of aging
  • lack of definition of the abdominal muscles
  • diastasis of the abdominal muscles due to pregnancy
  • an undesirable “pot belly”
  • concern regarding the appearance of your stomach
then a tummy tuck at Skin Vitality may be able to help achieve the body contour you want.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

The tummy tuck procedure is performed by a Board Certified Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon. Depending on the extent of correction, surgery typically lasts from one to five hours. The procedure involves an incision made horizontally across the lower abdomen just above the pubic bones, and may continue around to the back if necessary. The skin in the area is gently stretched away from the muscles, then any excess is removed. Following is the tightening of abdominal muscle tissue after which the incision is sutured. There may also be an incision made around the navel.

Your Recovery

A tummy tuck is usually more invasive compared to other cosmetic surgical procedures, but achieves dramatic results. As a result, it is important to follow post-operative instructions. You’ll most likely need to get plenty of rest and limit your movement to help your body heal and recover. Swelling, discomfort and bruising are typical side effects. Oral medication can be prescribed to alleviate discomfort. and a compression garment may be worn. Generally, you can expect to resume normal activities in about two weeks, although your body may take up to a year to completely adapt to its new configuration.The information provided here is for general reference. It should not replace a consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, during which your unique concerns and questions will be addressed.

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