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latisse before and after

What is one thing that can instantly boost the sexiness of your eyes?

No, it’s not makeup. The answer is longer lashes, but without gloopy mascara!

If you want eyelashes that are:


then Latisse is your solution. This is the only FDA approved medical product that actually helps grows your lashes, enhancing your eyes to make them look more prominent and sexier. Apply just once a day and over the course of 4 weeks, your lashes will grow dramatically. It’s a simple treatment you can do from home, although to obtain Latisse, you’ll need to visit us at Skin Vitality as it does require a free consultation to make sure it’s okay for you and a  prescription from our doctor.

Clinical trials have shown that women who used Latisse:

boosted the length of their lashes by 25%
increased the thickness and fullness of their lashes by a whopping 106%
darkened their lashes by 18%

No wonder Latisse has many fans, including hot celebrities like Brooke Shields, Christina Hendricks, Claire Danes and Canada’s own model extraordinaire, Monika Schnarre. Schnarre, the first supermodel from Canada, is the new face of Latisse.

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